NOW 10th Annual Access Film Music Showcase • January 16 - 29, 2013 Utah USA

Access Film Music Spotlight Showcase
at 2013 Folk Alliance International Conference

Private Guerilla Showcase Rooms


Access Film-Music Showcase

Private Showcase Sign-up & Schedules

Access Film Music Spotlight Showcase
at Folk Alliance International Conference
February 20 - 24, 2013
Delta Chelsea Hotel
Toronto, Ontario Canada

FOUR ROOMS for 2013 FAI!
We are incredibly excited to be in Toronto this February! Out of the many events in which we participate each year, the Folk Alliance International Conference is one of our very favorites! We always get introduced to such amazing new music, and get to reconnect with a community of people that we appreciate and enjoy deeply.

This year, Access Film Music Ltd. will once again be hosting four Private Showcase Rooms, from Wednesday, February 20 through the wee hours of Sunday, February 24. As of today, we still have plenty of private showcase spots available, so if you're looking for performance opportunities during the conference, read on. They usually sell-out quickly, so act fast if you're interested.

Like last year, we're hosting 4 Private Guerilla Showcase rooms, with different rooms dedicated to different purposes -- Solos, Groups, In-the-Rounds and Longer Sets -- Each will be receiving their own dedicated room. Incorporating some refinements and improvements learned last year in Memphis, we feel this approach offers artists choices that better help them accomplish their goals for the conference. Towards the end of the scheduling process, if we have open slots available, we may alter the offerings for the remaining spaces, but everyone who signs up through this page remains confirmed and their schedules will not be changed.

The table below shows the four types of Private Guerilla Showcase Rooms we are offering this year:

Film Music
Film Music
Film Music
Film Music
Room #1059 Room #1159 Room #1259 Room #1168
Room Description:
Solos & Small Groups
Room Description:
Mostly "In-the-Round"
Room Description:
Room Description:
Solos & Small Groups
- Longer Sets -
20 minute sets 30 minute sets
shared by 3 artists,
usually 2 songs per artist
25 minute sets
with 5 minute changeover
30 minute sets

Price: US$30
Price: US$20 Price: US$40 Price: US$45
RED Schedule & Sign-up
 BLUE Schedule & Sign-up GREEN Schedule & Sign-up ORANGE Schedule & Sign-up

IMPORTANT UPDATES: The deadline for Folk Alliance's printed Official PGS Guide was January 31st. Be aware that any private showcase reservations made after January 31st will NOT be included in the printed Official PGS Guide.

Click on the "Schedule & Sign-up" links above to check out the updated schedules.

Please check the schedules to confirm that your showcase reservations are listed correctly: Check the date, the time and please make sure we have spelled your name correctly. Also, if your name doesn't link to your website, please send us an email to let us know the URL you wish to link to.

To reserve a performance time, click on the available button that appears in the Status / Artist column which corresponds to the room and time slot you wish to reserve. This will direct you to PayPal, where you can pay your showcase reservation fee and lock-in your showcase time slot.

All artists registered for the Folk Alliance International Conference are welcome to reserve up to 2 sets in each room.

Due to the constraints of PayPal, if you wish to reserve multiple sets, each reservation will have to be executed as a separate transaction. Access Film Music Ltd. reserves the right to limit the number of sets available to any one artist. If you are interested in reserving more than a couple sets, please email to give us a heads up in advance.

credit card logos
You can make your private showcase reservations safely and securely using any major credit or debit card, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover, or using PayPal's convenient e-check payment.

As we currently must update our schedules manually, there may be a short delay between the time someone signs up and the time that the "AVAILABLE" button is removed from the schedule. However, we have improved our system so that if you select a timeslot that has already been reserved, you will receive a "SOLD OUT" response, and be re-directed to the Sign-up / Schedule page, where you are able to select an alternate timeslot.

You can also pay for your showcase reservation fee by check or money-order, payable to:
 Access Film Music Ltd.
 317 E. Park Ave.
 Libertyville, IL 60048
Please note that Private Showcases in the Access Film Music rooms are only considered confirmed once payment has been received, and are assigned on a "first-come, first-scheduled" basis. If you pay by sending a check in the mail, your preferred showcase times may no longer be available, so please include a list with several options based on the published schedules. It's best if you use the PayPal buttons below, if you can - That confirms your showcase times instantly.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call:
 +1 707-7ACCESS (+1 707-722-2377)


IMPORTANT: Only people registered for the Folk Alliance Conference can perform at private showcases, and this includes sidemen. Private Showcases in the Access Film Music rooms are only considered confirmed once payment has been received, and are assigned on a "first-come, first-scheduled" basis. Refunds for private showcase reservations may be made at the sole discretion of Access Film Music Ltd., and will only occur when a replacement artist can be scheduled.

Questions? Call us at +1 707-722-2377 (+1 707-7ACCESS) or email