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2016 Film Festival Sampler Compilations

If you're seeking opportunities to get your music in movies, television programs, commercials, and videogames, Access Film Music Festival Samplers are an effective and proven path to put your music in the ears of filmmakers, directors, music supervisors and other key visual media industry personnel.

We are currently inviting submissions for our upcoming Film Festival Music Sampler Compilations.

Each Access Film Music Festival Sampler will feature a collection of "Vocal" recordings in a variety of styles and genres, as well as a collection of "Instrumental" selections featuring film and television music, symphonic works, jazz, acoustic, ambient, and other non-vocal oriented music. Artists invited to participate are qualified to reserve one track on either or both, and may opt to include additional tracks on our VIP Flash Drive Samplers. Space is very limited. In previous years, every Film Festival Sampler has sold-out, and we expect the same for our 2016 Film Festival Sampler releases.


If you'd like to be considered for our Access Film Music Festival Samplers, send an email to containing links to your recordings. The link can lead to your website, an EPK on Sonicbids or ReverbNation, SoundCloud -- anywhere we can hear your music. If you want us to listen to a particular track or tracks, please include the song titles or direct links in your email.

For our samplers, we're only looking for broadcast quality master recordings, not demos or live recordings. If we extend an invitation to include your music on one or more of our Film Festival Samplers, you will receive detailed instructions on submitting a master audio file at that time.

There is a fee to include a track on Access Film Music Festival Samplers, but there is no fee to submit your music for consideration, so send us an email today. Pricing and additional details appear below.

If you have questions about our Film Festival Samplers, please email or give us a call at +1 707-7ACCESS  (707-722-2377).


  Judy Collins
Judy Collins's track "Wings of Angels" was one of the highlights on the 2012 Film Festival Sampler Access Film Music Ltd. released at the ÉCU Film Festival in Paris, France

2016 Film Festival Samplers

Over 1,500 2016 Film Festival Samplers will be distributed to filmmakers, journalists and members of the visual media industries (film, TV, videogames, advertising) at the 13th Annual Access Film Music Showcase @ Film Festival Week in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah USA: January 20 - 31, 2016.

500 CDs as well as VIP Flash Drive Samplers will be distributed at the 11th Annual ÉCU, the European Independent Film Festival in Paris, France - April 8 - 10, 2016.

2016 Access Festival Samplers will also be distributed directly to film producers, directors, music supervisors and other key members of the visual media industry (film / TV / videogames / advertising / new media) through our extensive global network of industry contacts.

Visit our FILM FESTIVAL SAMPLERS page to see track listings and information about previous sampler releases.


13th Annual
Access Film Music Showcase
at Film Festival Week
January 20 - 31, 2016
Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah USA

11th Annual
ÉCU, the European Independent Film Festival
April 8 - 10, 2016
Paris, France


2,500 CDs + 100 VIP Flash Drive Samplers
Cost is $185 per track

2016 Film Festival Sampler
VOCAL Track Reservation @ $185
  2016 Film Festival Sampler
INSTRUMENTAL Track Reservation @ $185

Artists who reserve tracks on our Film Festival Samplers will be given priority consideration and scheduling for Access Film Music Showcase performance opportunities.

Track reservation deadline: January 11, 2016

2014 Access Film Music
Festival Sampler

Released at 11th Annual Access Film Music Showcase @ Film Festival Week
Park City, Utah USA • January 16 - 26, 2014
9th Annual ÉCU Film Festival
Paris, FranceApril 4 - 6, 2014


2014 Access Film Music Festival Sampler CD

For track listing, click here.


2013 Access @
Film Festival Week Sampler

Released at 2013 Access Film Music Showcase @ Film Festival Week
Park City, Utah USA • January 17 - 27, 2013

2013 Access Film Music Festival Sampler

For track listing, click here.


2013 Access @
ÉCU Film Festival Sampler

Released at 2013 ÉCU Film Festival
Paris, France • March 29 - 31, 2013


2013 ECU Film Festival Sampler

For track listing, click here.


2013 sampler cover photos by Christopher Hellon


You can also submit your music for consideration by mail. Please send 2 copies of your CD to:
Access Film Music Ltd.
ATTN: Festival Samplers
700 E. Park Ave.
Libertyville, IL  60048

Be sure to include a note letting us know which tracks to listen to. Due to the volume of submissions, it's not possible for us to listen to every song on every CD we receive. Please direct us to your strongest tracks!

Submissions for our Film Festival Samplers must be received before the above stated track reservation deadline - The earlier, the better. If you're invited to participate, your track reservations and payment must be received by the deadlines stated above. Once we have confirmed your track selection, your master audio file must be received within 10 days of the track reservation deadline. We will need a full-resolution 44.1 kHz, 16-bit WAV or AIFF, which can be sent via FTP or a service like DropBox,, or, or we can extract the audio from a physical copy of your CD. More detailed information about sending your payment and master audio files will be included in your invitation letter, should you receive one.

No refunds will be issued, though if you miss the master submission deadline, your payment can be applied to future sampler opportunities.

Requirements for inclusion on Access Film Music Festival Samplers:

Additional terms and conditions apply, but here are two essential requirements for including your music on our Film Festival Samplers:

You must own 100% of the composition, and grant Access Film Music Ltd. a limited non-exclusive “no royalty” promotional license, or have the song publisher(s) and / or co-writer(s) submit license waivers giving you permission to include the song on our samplers.

You must own 100% of the master recording to be included on the sampler and sign our limited non-exclusive “no royalty” promotional license, or have the individual or entity that owns the master recording do so on your behalf.

You can download a PDF copy of our Film Festival Sampler Agreement by clicking here. This PDF document contains the full requirements, terms and conditions for inclusion on Access Film Music Festival Samplers.

Why include your music on Access Film Music Festival Samplers?

Since releasing our first Film Festival CD Samplers over ten years ago, we have helped artists license their music to cutting edge independent filmmakers as well as major studio projects. Released and promoted at major film festivals like Slamdance and Sundance in Park City, Utah, and the ÉCU European Independent Film Festival in Paris, France, in addition to direct personal distribution to directors, producers, music supervisors, music editors and other film industry personnel, our highly regarded Film Festival Music Samplers give your music an opportunity to be heard by key decision makers that select and license music for film, television and other visual media.

The music on our samplers is in some GREAT company! Some of the exceptional artists that have been featured on our recent Film Festival Music Samplers include:

Daniel Lanois
- Legendary recording artist and producer of U2, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Peter Gabriel and many more

Matthew Moon
- “Soccer Mom”
- Budweiser TV commercial aired during 2008 Beijing Olympics

Judy Collins
- Internationally renowned Grammy-winning singer / songwriter

Barrelhouse Chuck
- “Cadillac Records”

Craig Richey
- “Friends With Money”
- “The Gymnast”

Andy Brick
- multiple Disney productions
- Schoolhouse Rock

Melvin Lee Davis
- Music Director for Chaka Khan
- Internationally acclaimed bassplayer and jazz composer

Nobuki Takamen
- Award winning jazz guitarist and composer

John Mazzei
- “Oprah” TV show

John Flanders
- multiple film and TV credits

- “The Roommate”

Chris Laterzo
- “From the Fifty Yard Line”

Moors & McCumber
- “Wednesday’s Child”

...and more

Our Film Festival Samplers will be made available at all Access Film Music events. In addition to distribution through Access Film Music's direct personal network of filmmakers, directors, producers and music supervisors, our participation in the Park City Television festival gift bag program has extended our reach to award-winning filmmakers and journalists.

In previous years, our Film Festival Sampler CDs were distributed to Sundance and Slamdance prize winning filmmakers and celebrities like Spike Lee, Robert Townsend, Jeff Daniels, Kevin Bacon, Paul Giamatti, Benjamin Bratt, Kevin Spacey, Jason Ritter, Josh Radnor ("How I Met Your Mother"), Oliver Platt, Bobcat Goldthwait, David Hyde Pierce, Shawn Doyle ("Big Love"), Oscar-winner Dustin Lance Black ("Milk"), Michael Penn, Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger from The Doors, and dozens of filmmakers with names we don't recognize (...yet!).

Space is very limited, and not everyone will be offered an opportunity to have their music included on our Film Festival Samplers. Our strict screening process ensures that only exceptional tracks will be included.

We seek only the best, most interesting and engaging music for our samplers, which maintains our hard-earned credibility with filmmakers, music supervisors and producers. We strive to produce sampler compilations that contain only music exhibiting the highest creative, artistic and production standards.

We also offer opportunities to perform live at our Film Festival Showcase events. If you’re interested in performing at one of our upcoming events, please visit:

Questions? Call us at +1 707-722-2377 (+1 707-7ACCESS) or email